11 juni 2019 in Blog

Deploying a Python app on Azure

Part 2: Using Flask, Docker and Azure App services My previous article described how we built an AI function for creating…
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10 juni 2019 in Blog

AI for comedy: finding celebrity look-a-likes

Part 1: the AI part So this comedy theatre group wanted to do a show on AI and asked us for…
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12 september 2018 in Blog

A practical guide to building an AI app

What you’ll learn in this article How to get a face recognition Python script working easily and quickly High level understanding…
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12 april 2018 in Blog

Vijf misvattingen over Data Science

Onze collega Albert de Roos gaf zijn visie op het artikel ‘Five Misconceptions about Data Science’. “Een leuk artikel over…
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12 februari 2018 in Blog

Data Science in de gezondheidszorg

Onze collega Kim heeft als Data Scientist bij Erasmus MC dagelijks te maken met de toepassing van Data Science in…
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