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Data Science Lab bij Ondernemend Nederland

Gisteren maakte Data Science Lab haar tv-debuut bij Ondernemend Nederland. In de uitzending waren onze collega’s aan het woord over hoe Data Science de concurrentie positie van organisaties kan verbeteren. Heb jij de aflevering gemist? Geen probleem, je kijkt hem hier terug!

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Updates uit het lab.

  • Models will always try to cheat on you

    Computer Vision for a ‘Guess Who’ game including deep learning explanations The applicability of deep learning models has been growing rapidly over the last years, especially in the domain of image recognition. If you are interested in the basics of deep learning, see for example Nahua Kang’s excellent article. In this post, we aim to clarify how such a [...]> Verder lezen
  • Deploy your machine learning model and get ready for production

    A guide on how to deploy your models, monitor them and provide feedback on classification results using Python and Dash. As a data scientist, you spend a lot of time crunching data and developing your models, so you really want to apply the fruits of your labour in practice. For the Big Data Expo 2018 in [...]> Verder lezen

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