The Lab. Our pride and joy. The place where our DNA thrives. It is all about innovation and inspiration here - together and with you as well. This is where we grow. Being an expert is hard work. This is the place where you can discover what techniques are necessary and right for your organisation. Together, we will experiment, gain experience and move forward. This is where we create the future.

We do so with ...

Product ontwikkeling

The results of analyses and data science projects are often complex. That's why we look at the best way to present these results from the user's perspective. Think of e.g. an app, a website or a dashboard. By combining various disciplines (including UX and software development), we develop a product that can easily be implemented within your organisation's existing processes.

Data for Good

Our goal with Data for Good is to give back to society. We do this by helping non-profit organisations with data-related matters that they lack the means or resources to handle properly. Best of all, this is a win-win situation. After all, we learn from this process ourselves and get to expand our knowledge even further. This is the best possible form of innovation.


Elke maand worden er techdays georganiseerd. Voor en door onze data professionals, maar ook voor jou en jouw collega’s. Deze dag staat in het teken van creativiteit, innovatie, inspiratie en kennis.  Vaak staat er één thema centraal: een cursus deeplearning of deployment van een model. Maar een sessie kan ook bestaan uit agile/ scrum certificering of een hackaton. Het doel: onszelf én alle organisaties waar wij voor werken blijven verrassen met nieuwe ideeën en inzichten.


Welcome to the Data Science Lab Academy. We tailor our master class or training programme to your needs and knowledge. We introduce you and your colleagues to the world of data science and AI. We explain the best ways to visualise data and show you the ropes of programming your own code with R or Python. Our goal is to turn you into data experts as well and ensure you can put everything you've learned into practice right away.